Do dreams come true?

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Why not? It's something you've come up with in your brain, surely. Didn't you think it? Logically process it and think hard about it, then think up ten million ways to make it happen...EXACTLY!

In dreams, we plant the seeds of our future.

So what does that exactly mean? Think about when you were little. Did you want to become an astronaut, an actor, dancer, creator, scientist, hairdresser, beauty therapist...did you just want to travel the world - surely these are classed as dreams? They're something you think of, something you think big about and imagine yourself, doing or becoming.

I had a dream, I had several. The first one was to become a Social Worker: that didn't quite pan out like I imagined. The second? To become an Author.

Oh, what's that you say? A book? Published? By whom? A PUBLISHER...ARE YOU PULLING MY LEG.

Ah guys, look at that, no leg pulling today - my dream came true and so can yours!

I'm afraid for tonight, it's short and sweet. A starter. A taster to what's to come.

You might not get my snarky remarks, or my dry humour. Maybe a book review isn't for you, or the ways I discuss on how I became published is just something you can't get your grips on, but that's fine. I'm here for myself than anything else. You guys make me rock, but my own brain will be the one to help me jot these words down. That and coffee. Lots of it.

Love always,

The Life of Fahy.

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